Julian Thomson

Hi, Julian Thomson here – this is a bit about me and my Out There Learning company.

I am involved in science communication and education in ways that link geoscientists with teachers, students, and the public mostly in New Zealand, but also in Asia. This includes offering online courses for scientists who want to engage with school outreach, providing free local curriculum PLD to NZ schools (in association with Field Based STEM), running geoscience workshops and field trips, creating school learning resources,  making educational videos and authoring web pages. I am the creator of the prize winning GeoTrips website that shows non-specialists where they can explore the geology and landforms of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In my work I love to encourage exploration, discovery and a sense of wonder in the natural world. I am also very interested in ways we can best safeguard ourselves from Natural Hazards which are a continual issue in New Zealand, where our plate boundary offers us earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami and storms that can impact us at any time.

So please feel free to follow my blog posts, videos and various projects and contact me if you would like to know how I can help you with School Local Curriculum PLD or Science Communication.