TV Documentaries

Over the years I  have been involved in the science consultation, script editing and presenting of four TV documentaries about New Zealand geology.

The first was with my friend Bruno Cedat, a self taught documentary maker. It is called “New Zealand: Land of Adventure” ((Nouvelle Zelande, Terre d’Aventures). 

This doco covered our volcanoes, mountains and caves as adventure science and was made for a french TV audience. 

Beneath New Zealand Film Team on the Tasman Glacier

Beneath New Zealand is a three part documentary series produced by the Making Movies film company based in Auckland.  It looks at New Zealand’s earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains and caves.

Click on the YouTube link to see part 1

This documentary, like the others below, was shown in many countries around the world. 

Modern Dinosaurs is a 6 part series that explores the unique plants and animals of Australia and New Zealand, and how they have adapted to the environmental conditions through a deep and tumultuous history

Trailer accessed here:

Modern Dinosaurs - Tuatara

Volcanic New Zealand explores New Zealand volcanoes from the past and present, including how researchers study them  and the dangers they pose, and how scientists work with planners and civil defence emergency specialists to prepare for future eruptions.

These three 44m   YouTube links will allow you to watch the complete series: