Some of the feedback messages I received over the years as an educator and science communicator from scientists, teachers and the public:

…The class, and myself, thoroughly enjoyed our time with Julian. We gained so much knowledge by having him in the class and then out in the field. The children often exclaimed how amazing it was to be able to ‘see in real life what they were being taught’. What a gift! Julian had an amazing rapport with the children… On return to school, the children were buzzing about all they learned through Julian’s guidance and expertise. He has a wonderful way of telling the children where to look, but not what to see…  They were so engaged by the way he shares his knowledge with enthusiasm, and through real-life stories. One of the children even thanked Julian at the end for giving him the inspiration for his future job, and many of the parents shared that their children had been talking a lot about geology and earthquakes at home (and checking that they have civil defence kits)
Thanks again! We truly appreciate every moment of Julian’s time, thanks to you at East Coast Lab.
Chrystal Rogers Kaiako – Lower School Teacher

Hey Julian,
Some feedback.
Had such an inspiring time that I’m even thinking of looking into geology and those kinds of fields in terms of a profession.  Couldn’t have wished for a better way to learn and experience new things.  Really, totally and completely enjoyed the trip and feel like I learned a huge amount.  Would be so great if others were given the same opportunity.

Thank you Julian, that was incredibly inspiring. You are clearly a born teacher with a tremendous passion, and how wonderful it was for the children to experience that.
Aleka Beaumont, Te Ra School

Subject: Do you see Julian Thomson much?
If you run into him, please tell him that his blog is THE number one source of photos that my first years are putting in their essays! He’s internet-famous!
Katie Collins – VUW

Re GNS Science Outreach Map
Thanks for that. It’s very interesting and useful.
Carol Larson, Napier Aquarium

Hi Julian,
I had some “ask a scientist” questions from Tainui Primary School, Dunedin on how mountains are measured, and I sent them a link to your YouTube video on measuring Mt. Cook’s summit (as well as other concepts on pre-GPS concepts of triangulation). Here is some of the feedback from the teacher whom showed the clip to her class:
The youtube clip about measuring Aoraki Mount Cook went down well, especially when it was mentioned that the GPSs were not placed right on the summit out of respect for the Ngai Tahu respect for the mountain – one of the Ngai Tahu children in my class was nodding wisely when we talked about that – he knew what that was about!
I know you don’t often see the comments on these things, so I thought I’d forward this to you.
-Mike Toews

This is a really good video (its the first time I’ve actually watched the whole thing, I admit!). Thanks for making it!!!
Virginia Toy

Hi Julian
many thanks for the tour and your enthusiasm.
Lily is now even more inspired and enjoyed the visit very much.
it was a real insight for me as well as I had a keen interest in geology when I was her age. I even took geology at ‘O’ level GCSE.
she is still talking about it and is looking forward to telling her teacher Matt Bouchet about it.
I am sure he would be keen to talk to you about your roll in GNS
many thanks again
good to see you
simon webber

Hi Julian,
Thanks so much for coming to visit my class! They really enjoyed it and I’m sure they will be going rock hunting and bringing me all sorts of stuff to look at!
Hope to catch up again soon.
Kind regards,
Rose ter Borg

Hi Julian,
I just wanted to say thank you for coming in to the school and sharing your fossils and the stories behind them. The children are still talking about the Moa bone and it just helped for some of their learning to become more cemented. You were really great with them and we really appreciate you giving up your time to head into school.
The children did compile a list of questions but I wont forward them on as we can research most of them ourselves in class!
Thanks again Julian,

Hi Julian,
Thanks again! You are really amazing. I can’t believe what you were able to do with the video and in such short time! thank you, thank you!
Have a great trip!
Nancy Bertler

Hello Julian,
Since then i have had about 10 others tell me how much they learned from your talk, and enjoyed it. A very good response. This morning on our monthly walk/tramp I had to explain in detail to one lady about depositional processes and rock formation. She was keen to know more. You might get contacted by other Probus Clubs as word gets around. Best wishes,
Ian S

Hi Julian, Thank you so much for giving us such an interesting presentation about the work done by GNS. Everyone was most impressed and some indicated that it would be interesting to hear about the work done at your other base at Gracefield. I spoke to you briefly about this and wondered if you were available during the week of 5th or 6th or 8th or 9th November any time of the day to suit Let me know how you are placed and I will confirm it Once again thank you for your assistance
Lyall Mortimer

Thank you Julian for the most interesting tour and talk you gave us today. The students were blown away by everything they learned today. I have to say though – the ice core was the top of the list for experiences! They loved it! Thank you Des for allowing us to come and be with Julian for the morning.
I hope you might be up for this again when we have another group visit.
Kindest regards
Linda Goss
i-SITE Manager

Hi Julian,
Thanks! I love your blog–very informative, lots of variety in what
you present it and the formats (photos, videos, maps, etc. in addition
to your written posts). We’re very lucky to have such a good page and
video to link to.
Cherie Winner
Oceanus magazine
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Hi Julian,
The staff were talking very positively about your presentation at
morning tea this morning, they were particularly impressed with how
you were able to gear it down for the littlies. Well done!
Debbie Middleton
Maranatha Christian School

Hi Julian,
Again, thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with the group! They all seemed to really enjoy the sessions. I hope it was OK from your perspective.
I transported a few teen boys to and from the events. Today they discussed the times that they have set up experiments or experiences with limitations of expected outcomes (not actual results for unbiased or creative interpretation). The river terraces were such a great example of how to approach inquiry. I guess an hypothesis can sometimes steer one’s mind to focus narrowly on a particular result….very deep lesson : ) Some of the kids didn’t give their measurement answers because they thought it was wrong – all three teens in my group had measured the correct trend.
Reiker and I didn’t know many of the parents, or students. I was so happy to see the eyes of the young budding geologist (from Kapiti) light up as he connected with you today – precious! Thank you for your kindness to reach out to him. It is incredibly inspiring when kids express their affinities so tenderly.
I will forward photographs or questions from the group
Many thanks,
Aly Ortega

Hi Julian,
Thanks so much for the tour yesterday. The kids had a
fantastic time (and so did the adults)!
It was great to have some hands on activities too. A great
Thanks again on behalf of Explorers,
Catriona Barclay

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me last week. I was impressed with all that you are doing and I look forward to sharing web products and ideas in the future.
John Taber
E&O program Manager 
Washington, DC 20005

You’re doing a terrific job of clearly sharing available knowledge, thank you! Unadorned, true communication like this is exactly what the region needs.

Your talk was was well received by Wellington Men’s Probus.
Our thanks and congratulations.
Jack Duggan

Thanks again Julian that was absolutely FANtastic 🙂
I will forward remaining questions to you once I have collated them all and I’m sure you will be receiving a few “thank yous” from from the classes you met today.
Many thanks again for your time – will be in touch soon.
Carol Johnstone, Tawa School

Brilliant Julian, really well done! So much good will gained from a
few visits, a talk, and some baseball caps!
Cornel de Ronde

Hi Julian,
Thanks for the regular blog and facebook updates on both the Alpine Fault drilling project and Rotomahana Lake project — it’s the perfect way for someone like me to be kept in the loop, all the way across the globe in Scotland!
I have just read the exciting news about the pink terraces at Rotomahana through your blog… very interesting and exciting stuff. Thanks for the great article.
there is so much going on and it is good to be able to keep track!
Suzannah Toulmin
PhD Student (Heriot-Watt University, Scotland)
Ocean Exploration
GNS Science

(Via Alex Malahoff, CEO of GNS) 
Alex, I today received the GNS 2011 diary and I am grateful to whoever put me on the mailing list. But the main thing I wanted to say is that GNS does an absolutely superb job with its photography. World class. My congratulations to whoever is responsible. Magnificent stuff
Dr Peter J Cook, CBE FTSE,
Chief Executive,
Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies
Barton, Canberra,

Dear Julian,
Thank you for your prompt response. We are most appreciative. It is an amazing video (I peeked!) and will be quite helpful in our classes.
Thanks again,
Mary Grossmann
Librarian, Global Library
Chevron Information Technology Company,
a Division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

Hi Julian, thanks so much for all your help last week and leading up to
the Geo Hazards field trip. Your time, effort and knowledge were much
appreciated, especially at a time when you were so busy. We have had
really positive feedback about the trip from both students and teachers
and were pleased with how smoothly it went. I will send a disc with the
photos and videos on it this week.
I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did and that you have enjoyed
looking back over the website and videos.
Hope to work with you again soon.
Shelley Hersey,
LEARNZ Teacher
LEARNZ – Virtual Field trips for New Zealand schools
Christchurch, New Zealand

We also wanted to share our gratitude to you both for organising and hosting such a valuable learning opportunity for our son. We hope there are opportunities available in the future, and I am certain that many people would be very happy to help support and / fund the projects. As mentioned at the presentation, I imagine it may be a matter of raising public awareness within our communities. Again, many thanks and we wish you both a happy, peaceful and safe 2010.
Kind regards,
Alexandra Ortega and Mark Mohelnitzky

Via Chris Hollis:
Thank you again for your assistance in allowing Alasdair to participate in the GNS/CapitalE children’s holiday programme this week in association with the visit of the ‘JOIDES Resolution’. Alasdair loved the experience of looking at interesting rocks, the ship visit and all the activities, and I’m sure the knowledge gained will be extremely helpful as he goes into college this year and provide a platform for thinking about all sorts of issues facing our stewardship of planet Earth.
Congratulations to GNS for your initiative in establishing this programme, and particularly for the effort involved from no doubt numerous people in taking this giant step in public geoscience education. Best wishes for future programmes.
Regards, Neville
Neville Smith

Hi Julian. It’s Glen Coates here, original author of the brochure. Just wanted to let you know that I think you have done a great job of the revised edition. The new photos are awesome and I am sure it will have a long life in the shops on the Coast. Cheers, Glen

Thank you, Julian and Kate, for giving up your time to help us with our Family Day and for providing our visitors with such a fantastic talk. I was so pleased to see a good sized crowd and such great participation. The day wouldn’t have been as big a success without you.
Thank you again.
Melanie Dash
Nature Space Discovery Centre Supervisor
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Just wanted to pass on a big thumbs up for all your efforts at Te Papa. My parents took my two boys along (8 and 5) – they all really enjoyed the whole day but in particular the presentations you guys gave. My parents were really impressed with your skills as a communicators (they come from education backgrounds) they learned a lot and thought how you managed a rnage of kids ages was really impressive. The kids had a great time too – and talked about it a lot when I got home.
Dan (8) also wanted to say thanks for helping him dress up in all of the cold weather gear!
well done!
Guy Maslen
Operations Manager – GLOBE Claritas

Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. Very appreciative of the work
you and John put into organising things. Too bad the visit was so
short! I’ll be using the bread idea myself next time the class looks
at fossils and earthquakes etc for Science!
Thanks again.
Phil Rodley
Cashmere Avenue School

Hi Julian
Congratulations – I’ve heard you went down a treat at the Lower Hutt primary school this week. Apparently they want you back
to talk to other classes.
John Callan

Hi Julian,
Just wanted to say thank you very warmly for organising and taking the trip
to the glaciers. Jake came back on Sunday afternoon filled with a new sense of what is happening on the planet, and the buzz of being out in a remote part of the New Zealand landscape. He talked about some of the scientific learning, and is inspired to think about scientific study for uni next year 🙂 Lots of brilliant input towards his Class 12 project … And he loved being out of the classroom and physically active every day.
It’s a real highlight of his experiences to date, and has stimulated genuine interest in climate change and scientific research for him.
Warm thanks for giving Jake all this and more,

Hi Julian
I am writing to thank you for the link to your amazing youtube footage – it’s fantastic! I also wanted to find out a little bit more about what the GNS team does, the purpose of your visit to the Tasman Glacier. If it was for research -were there any interesting findings? Any feedback you can offer on the trip in general would be very helpful as we would love to create a post about your teams’s visit and subsequent footage on our blog.
Kind Regards
Michelle McCormack

Thanks very much Julian. I was impressed by how accessible the material
on your website was.
Kind regards,
Rachel Hayward

We all wanted to thank you for your time, and the opportunity to learn more during our visit to GNS today. The tour was aimed towards the children, but we all were elated and grateful for the experience. Thanks.
Aly Ortega

Re: Mt Cook Flight video
Paul Andrew Mayewski
Director, Professor
Climate Change Institute
University of Maine

Julian…you are a genius!
The notes are brilliant.
And special thanks for the Mitchell’s Bay stuff. It will be used for the
small kids because of the very creative shapes of those gorgeous
water-shaped rocks at the bottom of the out- crop.
I’ve watched kids playing in those crevices/caves every time I walk along
the beach. It’s a perfect, safe and interesting spot to do a bit of basic
rock study.
Kay Roughan, Riverton Museum

Hi Julian
I want to most sincerely thank you for everything you did up on Tongariro. You made the trip absolutely amazing.
I still cannot believe I made it to the top of Ruapehu.
The video you have put together is absolutely fantastic.
Thank you so much for doing this, I have sent the URL to Charlotte to pass on to Jamie and Lily. It is a great momento to have.
Thanks you once again for everything.
Kindest regards
Danae Staples Moon RSUK

Hi Julian
Just had a quick look (at the video). I think its brilliant, and a clever choice of soundtrack.
Well done

Hi Julian,
Hope all is well down there and you’re getting lots of interesting trips.
Just got back from the field and opened the DVD..
Awesome !! What an excellent record of the trip.
Superb editing and music. Great stuff! Hey – you could earn serious $ with those skills.
What is the music by the way ? film soundtrack? Sounded a bit like we were saving mankind using airborne GPR 😉
Thanks again.
Matt Watson

just to say my son enjoyed your talk that you did at Silverstream School last week.
Thank you for doing it. I get the idea it was very helpful for their work.
Zoe Juniper

Hi Julian,
I’ve had several members both children and adults, who came to your very interesting presentation last week telling me how much they learnt and enjoyed it. My children certainly had a lot to say about the afternoon since.
Thank you again for your time and energy.
Heather Ruffell

Julian and Jeff,
Firstly, let me tell you how great I think these Wellington Fault pages of yours are – they are excellent. Our web site should be full of stuff like this. You both have done a phenomenal job.
My first round of comments are attached – happy to discuss further if need be.
Russ van Dissen

Hi Julian,
That was the biggest turn out for Explorers I have ever seen! A well
put together talk aimed at the right level.
Thanks again.
Faye Goggin and Samuel.

From a teacher feedback form:
We are so fortunate to have had access to Julian Thomson for the past 6 years. His ideas and enthusiasm has meant that we have developed a programme of earth science trips from yr 10 to 13. All at different sites and all very interesting.

Teacher feedback re a school visit:
Julian Thomson. Brilliant.

Greetings Julian,
Thank you so much for organising our visit today. It went smoothly and efficiently and we all enjoyed it (including our bus driver!). Would you please convey our appreciation and thanks to Chris and Brian for their instructive and enjoyable presentations.
I debriefed the students on our return and they had all enjoyed the visit and considered it most worthwhile. George, the accompanying science teacher, quizzed them on the lines of “So, what is an isotope?” and most of the students had actually learned and retained something.
As organiser, I was really pleased. Although the actual science was beyond some of our students (we do not study any physics until year 11 and they were years 9 or 10) the brightest had followed everything, and all benefited from seeing real experts, and real enthusiasts, showing their work.
I will pass on our feelings to Des Darby, who was our initial point of contact. He will, I am sure, be very pleased.
Yours sincerely
David Gledhill for HVHS Enrichment Scheme.

Hi Julian,
Thanks again for coming in today, your presentation was right on the
mark, I wish it could have been longer!
Keep me posted!
See you soon, and take care,
Phoebe lypiatt

So much easier to find general material (for geology teaching) now with youtube and GNS material from Julian T
(feedback from a teacher)

Having access to Julian Thomson at GNS is a god send.
Brenten Higson, Saint Bernard’s College

For me the glacier trip was a physical realisation of what is only hinted at in the classroom. To stand before the massive body of ice out in the wilderness gives the study a real and applicable context. Personally, after the glacier trip, I was inspired to take a second look at earth sciences. When I went to the Vic Uni open day I placed myself in a lecture theatre that I would have otherwise never visited, I now find myself enrolling for an earth sciences course next year. I fell this to be a direct cause of visiting the Brewster Glacier, which was a turning point in my view of the natural world. Trips like these are, in my view, invaluble, and should the opportunity be given to future classes for a similar trip I would wholeheartedly encourage them to go.
 Jake Smythe