Waldorf High School Teaching


This Waldorf high school teacher PLD is offered by Julian Thomson and is endorsed by Taruna College, New Zealand:

This course is aimed at teachers who have either recently trained, transferred to a Waldorf school from a state teaching background, or are established Waldorf teachers wanting a fresh perspective for teaching adolescents in a Waldorf high school.

Teacher and students in the outdoors

This online course includes a total of 9 one hour sessions divided into two parts. 

This orientation course gives a framework for understanding the holistic and integrated approach required for teachers working in a Waldorf high school.

The course includes clear and valuable practical advice, tips and strategies that will give you a firm foundation for  your work in a Waldorf high school. The worked examples are mainly from the earth and life sciences curriculum.

Part 1: The first 4 sessions are an orientation to the high school and its holistic approach to the curriculum.

Part 2: The second part is a more detailed look at each year level from Classes 8 to 12 over 5 sessions, focusing on how to integrate the teaching programme with the Waldorf understanding of the psychological developmental phases of adolescence. Examples of main lessons from social studies, earth or life sciences at each year level are used to illustrate this approach.

Course Fees:

Individual = NZD $350  

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