Science Communication with Ease

Welcome to this opportunity to find your flow as a science communicator! This coaching course is for students, educators and researchers who want to establish a solid foundation for their science communication success.

Science communication is about engaging your audience in a way that grabs their attention and interest. Relatability, enthusiasm and good storytelling are the secrets to success.


I will personally guide you step by step via live video calls and a series of tasks that will form a solid foundation for your science communication. You will get clear direction, focus and confidence. It’s all about shaping your action plan around your unique personal interests, knowledge, skills and experiences. These will set you apart from others, allow you to be yourself and make science communication easy as well as effective.

I will show you that by narrowing down your chosen niche, finding an approach that truly resonates for you and only working where it counts, you will have a time efficient pathway to success as a science communicator.

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