These are a sample of the wide variety of projects I have been involved with over the years. I will add a few more examples soon: 

  • Creating an online map with detailed information for non specialists to explore New Zealand’s rock outcrops and landforms. Check out GeoTrips

  • A sample of the 160+ science videos I created as a science communicator for New Zealand’s government geoscience research institute: GNS Science Videos

  • I have been involved in the production and presentation of  TV Documentaries about New Zealand’s geology.

  • Several glacier research expeditions to the Southern Alps involving high school students: Roping Students into Science
  • I project managed an investigation to drill for Ice Cores in New Zealand 

  • A summer at McMurdo station on Ross Island, embedded as a science communicator with the ANDRILL MIS drilling in 2006. in Antarctica with ANDRILL
  • A lot of people dream of visiting Antarctica some day. My first visit was as a field assistant on a seismic survey of the McMurdo Ice Shelf. Antarctica Fieldie