My Out There Learning YouTube channel is for you if you enjoy learning about nature, especially the geology of Aotearoa New Zealand. I love to highlight the abundance of fascinating geological stories that are available to be explored around the country.
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Many of my videos are sponsored by geoscience research organisations (GNS Science, Victoria Uni, Massey Uni, East Coast Lab, Canterbury Uni etc) to showcase their work to understand Aotearoa New Zealand’s active landscapes and geological processes. If you are interested in sharing your research with the public via video have a look at my video creation approach.

For those of you in the education space I also share some of my educational thinking and activities in my separate Educational Journey YouTube channel.

For 12 years I was the public outreach educator and videographer at GNS Science. If you would like to see some of the 160+ videos I made during that time have a look at my GNS Science videos here

Filming with Aoraki in the distance