A beautiful cloud study this morning.. Unfortunately those layered clouds mean high winds at altitude, and are a sure sign that there will be no flying today.

For confirmation and also to introduce ourselves, we drove the 5 minutes to the airport to chat to one of the pilots, Ross, who agreed that there could be several days of poor weather, but that the end of the week looked more likely. He also offered us the airplane hangar to stash our supplies in readiness for the day when flying would be possible.

 Back at the Unwin Lodge we continued our sorting, and put up our specially made ice core drilling shelter to familiarise ourselves with it. It has a massive frame construction of aluminium scaffolding poles and around the base there are 80 cm snow flaps to help hold it down in the wind. It will be mounted as a roof over a 1 metre snow pit to give the necessary 3 metres of headroom needed for the drill.

The weather deteriorated to rain – as you can see the sun tried to struggle through the clouds… tomorrow looks like more of the same.

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