Cornel de Ronde is leading another science team to further investigate the remains of the Pink and White Terraces on Lake Rotomahana in March 2012.

Last year, a sidescan sonar mounted on an autonomous underwater vehicle or AUV, produced images of parts of the Pink Terraces emerging from the thick mud on the lake floor. Have a look at my previous blog post showing the images, and this video about the discoveries:

This year, Cornel and his team hope to find out whether more of the terraces remain concealed under the mud.

If you are a teacher of Intermediate or Lower Secondary students you may be interested to engage your classes with an activity related to this year’s project. How would you go about a further exploration of the lake floor? Download the activity via this link.

More information about the plans for this year’s investigation are in the GNS Science media release.

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  1. Couldn't you just dive down or is the water to acidic? also to do any water draining wouldn't you need to gain permission from local iwi as the government handed ownership of the lake and land back to them in 2007 after buying it during the aftermath of the volcanic eruption that hid the pink & white terraces.

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