Over the last two weeks, GNS Science, with support from the Todd Foundation, The Royal Society and the National Aquarium in Napier, has been running a ‘Dinosaurs and Disasters Geocamp’ for a group of Hawkes Bay Intermediate level students and teachers.

The participants investigated many landforms and cliff sections around Hawkes Bay. GNS Science geologists Kyle Bland and Richard Levy also helped to organise and lead the Geocamp. In this photo they are encouraging the participants to look closely at a cliff section with fossils and structures above Lake Tutira that help explain the formation of the lake by a giant landslide.

One of the participants Michael Young is showing a section of sediment core that we drilled out of the bed of Lake Tutira using a length of drainpipe, and then wrapped in clingfilm for transport back to our base at the Napier Aquarium.

Kyle Bland is seen here, showing participants how sediment from Waipatiki Beach is washed and sieved so that it can be checked for microfossils.

The two week geology immersion experience was created to open the eyes of young people, their schools and the local community to the wonders of the natural environment in their local area. It culminated in a two day expo created and run by the students to show their discoveries to the public. In the photo Phoenix Hancox-Thompson is introducing visitors to some of the activities.

Here are a couple of videos that capture some of the activities and the enthusiasm of the participants. The first looks at some of the locations we visited:

The second is a chance to learn geology from some very bright young geoscientists:

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  1. Phoenix Hancox Thompson

    Hey im Phoenix Hancox Thompson i was on this trip 3 years ago im the one in the last picture explain the different rocks haha this brings back so many memories, Thank you so much fo the great camp 🙂

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