Stone circle art at Nanao River, NE Taiwan

I have been asked to work with a group of teachers and school administrators in Cu Xin school, Dongshan Township, Yilan, Taiwan, to help them develop and refine their nature and outdoor education programme in the high school. I will be there for the month of February 2020 and this will be the first visit, with possibly more to follow.

The rationale for this initiative is that outdoor education can be designed to offer several benefits, including physical fitness, psychological challenge and resilience, aesthetic appreciation and scientific learning.

One thing that interests me in particular is the relationship between being in or near to green spaces and natural environments; specific nature connectedness activities; psychological well-being and environmental action taking.

These are topics that I will elaborate on at a later date. For now let me leave this video with you that is the way I see things in this space of education and nature:

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