Where was that earthquake and how big was it?

We have a new GNS Science video today that explains how scientists locate the source of an earthquake and then calculate the magnitude. John Ristau, from GNS Science’s GeoNet programme talks through the steps of the process… And in case you missed this earlier video, here is Matt Gerstenberger, describing how earthquake forecasts are made

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Christchurch Quake Q&As

Kelvin Berryman (Image: The following questions were posted by a Christchurch resident on our GNS Science Facebook page. I think they are good questions which will be of interest to many people in the quake affected area.  I have re- posted them here, along with answers provided by Kelvin Berryman, a leading earthquake scientist at

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Canterbury Gravity Survey

There are a number of urgent scientific studies being carried out around Christchurch to help inform decision makers involved in the repair and recovery process following the recent earthquakes. These projects are being co-ordinated under the Natural Hazards Research Platform which is a collaboration of many of New Zealand’s research institutions (universities and Crown Research

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Rockfall impacts from the Christchurch ‘Quake

Today I have been in the Port Hills of Christchurch with Chris Massey, an engineering geologist in the GNS Science Active Landscapes team. Chris is part of a team undertaking a detailed study of the rockfalls that have been triggered in and around Christchurch as a result of the recent earthquakes. The aim of his

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Rockfalls and slips in Christchurch

This week I have been with Garth Archibald, surveying areas in Christchurch that have been affected by rockfalls and slips. These surveys provide data which is used to calculate the stability of cliffs and slopes, and this provides useful information to planners and geotechnical engineers. At Redcliffs, Garth set up his laser scanner to make

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Christchurch Earthquake Feb 22

If you are in Christchurch and need basic information and updates about the emergency response go to the Environment Canterbury Earthquake Website. Whilst many scientists are busy at GNS Science with seismic data and interpretation of the physical and social impacts of the earthquake in Christchurch, everyone here is feeling sympathy for those still struggling to

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Julia Becker’s Observations following the Darfield Earthquake

Julia Becker is one of the Social Scientists at GNS Science. Her role is to understand the human response to natural hazards, and she works with other scientists and organisations to help plan for future disasters. I asked her to write a diary of her experiences of working in Christchurch in the week following the

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