Where to explore the Wellington Fault

Wellington Fault at Thorndon

The Wellington Fault is one of several large active faults in the lower North Island of New Zealand. From the Tararua Mountains and Kaitoke it runs the length of the Hutt Valley, the edge of Wellington Harbour, through Tinakori in the City and across the hills to Cook Strait. Earthquakes occur on the Wellington Fault […]

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SAHKE – Seismic Array Hikurangi Experiment

About a dozen field teams have been out over the weekend  deploying geophones along the 90 kilometre transect of the SAHKE seismic survey. The first photo shows some of the Orica contractors  loading and priming one of the transect shot holes. 500 kilogrammes of explosive emulsion is being pumped down a 50m bore hole. The

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Wellington’s Stuck Plate Boundary

Ever since 1855, when New Zealand’s largest ever recorded earthquake (magnitude 8.1) shook the Wellington Region, a lot of effort has gone into understanding the earthquake risk in and around New Zealand’s capital city. There are several large fault lines in the area, including the Wellington Fault. This is the most active fault of the

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The Wellington Fault with LEARNZ

LEARNZ is a unique kiwi organisation that runs ‘virtual’ field trips for primary and secondary schools in New Zealand. Using videos, audioconferences and internet based information, school kids are able to interact with scientists and other expert professionals in different parts of New Zealand. LEARNZ even runs virtual field trips to Scott Base in Antarctica.

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Ocean Drilling science holiday programme

The JOIDES Resolution drill ship is back in Wellington after spending the last two months recovering sediment cores from off the east coast of the South Island. The photo shows the ship being loaded with fresh supplies in the Port of Wellington. The expedition was very successful, with several holes being drilled, one of which

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