Aoraki Mount Cook

Beneath New Zealand 1 Documentary

Making Movies is an Auckland based film company that creates adventure and nature documentaries. I was asked to help with the script editing and presentation on a movie about the mountains of New Zealand. This involved spending time with the film team in the Southern Alps, amongst some of the most spectacular landscapes in New […]

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Mount Cook Rockfall

Hooker Valley rockfall. – Simon Cox / GNS Science On the evening of Monday 14th July there was a large rockfall from the western slopes of Mount Cook into the Hooker Valley.   Staff from the Department of Conservation and GNS Scientist Simon Cox flew over the area  to make assessments of the  impact. The first photo shows

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The Changing Height of Mount Cook

Mount Cook  rock avalanche 1991. Lloyd Homer, GNS Science On 14th  December 1991 a massive rock avalanche occurred from the East Face of Aoraki /Mount Cook, sending an estimated 14 million cubic metres of rock in a 1.5 kilometre wide cascade across the grand plateau and down onto the Tasman Glacier. It is thought that

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Our Changing World radio broadcast

For those of you interested in the follow up of our ice core drilling expedition, here is the National Radio broadcast of the story as told on “Our Changing World” on Thursday 20th August. The broadcast is about 13 minutes long.

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