Rotomahana’s lake floor prompts many questions

Following last weeks’ multibeam sonar survey, the bed of Lake Rotomahana has now been mapped to a resolution of half a metre, bringing to light a mass of detail hitherto unknown to scientists. The first photo shows last year’s map which was made with the assistance of WHOI (Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution). The resolution of

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Lake Rotomahana Seismic

The Seismic Survey of Lake Rotomahana is proceeding well this week. Whilst it is being led by GNS Science, the University of Waikato and NIWA are providing technical assistance with some of the equipment being used. The first photo shows  the survey boat being loaded with the the cable that contains the hydrophones. These pick

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Posters of Lake Rotomahana

Here is a last look at the posters of Lake Rotomahana created by Rotorua Primary and Intermediate school children.The first image is the winning poster created by Kaya Henderson-Corporaal, Georgia Perham and Breannah Wakefield of Galatea School. We were particularly impressed by the careful detail and realism of features on the lake floor in this

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