Volcano City

Mangere Mountain, L. Homer / GNS Science Volcanic cones, explosion craters and lava flows form much of Auckland’s natural topography. All of these, apart from one (Rangitoto Island) are from vents that erupted once only (monogenetic), with eruptions lasting a few weeks or months and then ceasing completely.  There are many accessible and beautiful locations […]

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Lahars on Ruapehu

Ruapehu Eruption, Image: Lloyd Homer@GNS Science Ruapehu is very popular with skiers, trampers and other adventurers. As an active volcano with the potential for sudden eruptions through its crater lake, Ruapehu presents the Department of Conservation with a significant hazard management issue. Lahars on Ruapehu: Image: Lloyd Homer@GNS Science Obviously there is the possibility of

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NASA comes to Rotorua

Last week I was involved in a NASA Spaceward Bound meeting in Te Takinga Marae in Rotorua. The purpose of the meeting was to promote interest in Planetary Geology and  Astrobiology, and it was attended by about 50 scientists, educators, undergraduates and school students  from New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Romania, the UK and Kazakhstan. 

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Another great geological venue on the South Taranaki coast is at the Opunake boat ramp, where we took our Geocamp participants recently. On two sides of the car park there are cliffs showing a spectacular sequence of strata.information for you to visit this spot is on our GeoTrips website here: www.geotrips.org.nz/trip.html?id=56 It’s a perfect spot

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Volcano Gas Flights Video

If you had to work out the daily quantities of different gases coming out of a volcano and spreading across the sky in a huge, mostly invisible plume, where would you begin? This video gives a brief introduction to how New Zealand’s GeoNet scientists go about it: The information is combined with other evidence such

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Flight over Tongariro and Ruapehu

My next experience of a GeoNet gas monitoring flight was over Tongariro and Ruapehu. This time Karen Britten and I were joined by Fiona Atkinson (left in photo) who is part of the GeoNet volcano monitoring team. As we approached the volcanoes from over Lake Taupo, the small gas plume from Te Maari was visible.

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White Island Gas Flight

Yesterday I joined Karen Britten on  a GeoNet gas monitoring flight over White Island. This was to check the flux of volcanic gas emissions following an ash eruption a few days ago.Check this GeoTrip page if you are interested to visit White Island / Whakaari yourself: www.geotrips.org.nz/trip.html?id=541 ) The plane is modified to allow the

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