White Island

Volcano Gas Flights Video

If you had to work out the daily quantities of different gases coming out of a volcano and spreading across the sky in a huge, mostly invisible plume, where would you begin? This video gives a brief introduction to how New Zealand’s GeoNet scientists go about it: The information is combined with other evidence such […]

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White Island Gas Flight

Yesterday I joined Karen Britten on  a GeoNet gas monitoring flight over White Island. This was to check the flux of volcanic gas emissions following an ash eruption a few days ago.Check this GeoTrip page if you are interested to visit White Island / Whakaari yourself: www.geotrips.org.nz/trip.html?id=541 ) The plane is modified to allow the

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Artificial Earthquakes on an Active Volcano

GNS Science volcanologists recently set up an experiment to test the seismic velocity of the rocks that make up White Island. Over the last few decades it has been New Zealand’s most active volcano and has produced minor eruptions in recent weeks. (For its present activity status click here.) Velocities of seismic waves through the Earth

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