Natural Hazards

Christchurch Quake Q&As

Kelvin Berryman (Image: The following questions were posted by a Christchurch resident on our GNS Science Facebook page. I think they are good questions which will be of interest to many people in the quake affected area.  I have re- posted them here, along with answers provided by Kelvin Berryman, a leading earthquake scientist at […]

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Rockfall impacts from the Christchurch ‘Quake

Today I have been in the Port Hills of Christchurch with Chris Massey, an engineering geologist in the GNS Science Active Landscapes team. Chris is part of a team undertaking a detailed study of the rockfalls that have been triggered in and around Christchurch as a result of the recent earthquakes. The aim of his

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Rockfalls and slips in Christchurch

This week I have been with Garth Archibald, surveying areas in Christchurch that have been affected by rockfalls and slips. These surveys provide data which is used to calculate the stability of cliffs and slopes, and this provides useful information to planners and geotechnical engineers. At Redcliffs, Garth set up his laser scanner to make

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The Wellington Fault with LEARNZ

LEARNZ is a unique kiwi organisation that runs ‘virtual’ field trips for primary and secondary schools in New Zealand. Using videos, audioconferences and internet based information, school kids are able to interact with scientists and other expert professionals in different parts of New Zealand. LEARNZ even runs virtual field trips to Scott Base in Antarctica.

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