The White Terraces Reappear after 125 years

On 10th June 1886, exactly 125 years ago today, Mount Tarawera erupted briefly and violently, resulting in the disappearance of the Pink and White Terraces of Rotomahana, and devastation of the landscape. The former lake disappeared and was slowly replaced by the much larger and deeper lake which remains to this day. This 1880 Charles […]

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SAHKE – Seismic Array Hikurangi Experiment

About a dozen field teams have been out over the weekend  deploying geophones along the 90 kilometre transect of the SAHKE seismic survey. The first photo shows some of the Orica contractors  loading and priming one of the transect shot holes. 500 kilogrammes of explosive emulsion is being pumped down a 50m bore hole. The

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Wellington’s Stuck Plate Boundary

Ever since 1855, when New Zealand’s largest ever recorded earthquake (magnitude 8.1) shook the Wellington Region, a lot of effort has gone into understanding the earthquake risk in and around New Zealand’s capital city. There are several large fault lines in the area, including the Wellington Fault. This is the most active fault of the

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Canterbury Gravity Survey

There are a number of urgent scientific studies being carried out around Christchurch to help inform decision makers involved in the repair and recovery process following the recent earthquakes. These projects are being co-ordinated under the Natural Hazards Research Platform which is a collaboration of many of New Zealand’s research institutions (universities and Crown Research

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Kermadec Arc Videos

Our expedtion to explore the hydrothermal activity and mineralisation of the Kermadec arc volcanoes is now over. We arrived back in Auckland yesterday, after a successful three week research cruise. Amongst the discoveries that were made were areas of present day and ancient hydrothermal activity, relatively fresh lava flows from previously uninvestigated volcanic craters, and

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The Magnetic Charms of the Sea Floor

Fabio Caratori Tontini is interested in measuring the magnetic properties of the rocks on the sea floor. Because most of them are volcanic lavas that contain a lot of iron, they have become magnetised as they cooled and solidified in the presence of the Earth’s magnetic field. When the hot geothermal liquids pass through them,

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